Welcome to New Director of Pre-Sales Engineering, Ajay Patel

By November 18, 2014IDS, Strategy
IDS Hires new Director of Pre-Sales Engineering

IDS is excited to announce the addition of a new Director of Pre-Sales Engineering, Ajay Patel, to our team. As a leading Data Center Technology Integrator and Cloud Services Provider we are careful to hire only the most impressive engineering and IT professionals. Right from the start we knew Ajay, who has over 20 years of experience in the field, would be a perfect complement to our skill set and culture.

A New Approach to Technology Solutions

Ajay brings a thoughtful approach to the technology industry. He explains that having the correct mindset is crucial for success.

“In my experience I’ve found it’s possible to orchestrate transformative business strategy using thoughtful data-driven decisions. We can revolutionize organizational growth, performance and profitability simply by leveraging technology in a strategic way,” says Patel.

Enthusiastic about the new hire, Chief Technology Officer, Justin Mescher, explained that Ajay’s hire is a crucial pivot point for IDS. He said that IDS has already seen great success from their Data Center and Cloud offerings, and with Ajay they will be able to dedicate even more focus to expanding and developing customer-facing resources and other initiatives.

“IDS has already grown exponentially due to our unique methodology and expert engineering talent. There is no question that the combination of Ajay’s extensive background and thought leadership will continue to propel IDS further than we ever knew it could go,” says Mescher.

Ajay is looking forward to providing integral expertise and a unique mindset to support IDS in their continued path of exponential growth, but he’s even more enthusiastic about the culture. He explained that he’s excited to be a part of IDS because it represents an impressive level of skill and dedication to customers, something he hasn’t found within many other organizations.

We are thrilled to officially welcome Ajay to the IDS team and look forward to seeing how we will continue to grow with his support.