The Power of Now & the Cloud

The Power of Now & the Cloud

An Enlightened Path to Delivering IT Services in the Cloud

Can the delivery of IT services be equated to a tranquil Zen master focused on “the power of now?” It might seem ridiculous to compare technology provisioning to spiritual enlightenment, but hear me out. In order to work and succeed “in the now,” businesses need seamless, rapid technology support. They need IT services that can act as fast as the mind can think. By leveraging the Cloud to maximum advantage, which starts with the IDS Cloud Hub, businesses can better operate and compete “in the now” with technology services that are easier and faster than ever to provision and consume.

Let’s take a closer look, meditating on the ways the IDS Cloud Hub expands, advances and enlightens IT service delivery.

Consume All, Attach to None

Cloud Hub is a concept IDS perfected over the past couple years. The founding principle is to place IT storage and infrastructure in extremely close proximity (less than two milliseconds away) to today’s Cloud providers. This strategic positioning is very Zen, allowing businesses to consume the services they need from the Cloud providers they want. Or, as a Zen master might say, “You can consume all with attachment to none.”

Start in the Moment

For any business considering Cloud services (as well as someone on the search for enlightenment), the big question is “Where do I start?” Start your Cloud solution with what you need right now. If you think too far out, you won’t take any action. You will be paralyzed by choices, challenges and overcomplicate your planning.

The beauty of IDS’s Cloud Hub is that it connects to multiple Cloud providers and can easily adapt to your changing needs. “Be like water and follow the path of least resistance,” say the wise as well as the business savvy. If your needs change, Cloud Hub provides access to different providers. If you need solutions from multiple Clouds, you can. In fact, you can connect to all of them, simultaneously.

Forget the Complexity, Embrace the Possibility

For me, where this Cloud-Zen metaphor truly works is in Cloud Hub’s ability to take all the possibilities, questions and complexities of Cloud provisioning (What provider do I choose? What about security? How do I keep costs down?) and provide a simple, scalable solution for embracing Cloud-based IT services. IDS provides all the pieces that make Cloud work, from world-class security to expertise in AWS, Azure and networking, so that a business doesn’t have to master all the complexities of Cloud provisioning. Instead, the business can focus on delivering its IT services with greater speed and agility. They can work and succeed in the Cloud in the now.

Interested in an enlightened approach to delivering IT services in the Cloud? Click here to arrange an IDS Cloud Hub demo a smarter, better path to where you want to be.

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