Nutanix and Citrix Partner to Lower Costs for Virtualization

citrix and nutanix partner

Nutanix recently announced a partnership with Citrix to work on driving down the costs and complexities of deploying new applications and desktop virtualization environments. Nutanix has also announced that their Acropolis solution has been verified as Citrix ready, meaning that Acropolis solutions can now power XenDesktop and XenApp. With both companies combining their technologies, they have the ability to offer a complete, simple, cost-effective solution for delivering virtual desktops and applications.

Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform, which runs Acropolis has been verified as Citrix ready for not only XenApp and XenDesktop but Netscaler and Sharefile as well. This means there are more options when it comes to choosing the infrastructure to power these implementations.

Acropolis builds off of the Nutanix hyperconverged product with an innovative platform for virtualization and application mobility. Acropolis is made up of three components: Distributed Storage Fabric (enabling common web-scale services across multiple storage protocols), App Mobility Fabric (delivers powerful VM placement, VM migration, and VM conversion, as well as cross-hypervisor high availability and integrated disaster recovery), and Acropolis hypervisor (a native Bonvohypervisor based off of Linux KVM). Customers using the Acropolis hypervisor should see lower overall costs and quicker deployments.

What Can Customers Gain from the Nutanix and Citrix Partnership?

The newly announced Nutanix and Citrix partnership opens a door of opportunity for users who would like to:

  • Deploy a complete virtual desktop solution in just hours without requiring specialized storage skills.
  • Scale VDI infrastructure from small pilots to large-scale production environments with tens of thousands of users predictably, with high performance to deliver a high fidelity VDI user experience, leveraging native support and integration with Citrix PVS and MCS.
  • Nutanix Shadow Clones maintain high performance including boot storms. Nutanix VDI solutions are ideal for scenarios that require a quick turnaround of virtual desktops, such as classrooms, call center operations, and healthcare facilities.
  • Deliver graphics acceleration and utilize platforms powered with K1 and K2 cards from Nvidia GRID to power complex, graphics-intensive desktops and published applications.
  • Lower overall infrastructure costs by eliminating the need procure and manage separate virtualization software.

Reference architectures available:

This blog was co-authored by William Moore and Brian McGarvin.