Mobile Protection Cracked: How Your Cellphone Is Threatening Your Personal Data Security

Blackberry’s, iPhone’s, Droid’s, even flip phones, they are devices that have become a part of our daily lives. Within the last five years, the way we use our mobile devices has changed in dramatic ways no one could have completely predicted. We use them to call family, get directions, look up restaurants, watch movies, listen to music, class work and for some, even our jobs depend on the information contained on our mobiles. Something that most of us do not think about is the way we secure our mobile phones, the data on them, and our mobile presence.

Just recently it was revealed that the iPhone has been recording your every move since the day you activated. “Say what?” you say, and yes it is true. This is not the CIA tracking you, it is the simple device you carry around and use for everyday usage. You see, every time you sync or backup your phone to your PC, it uploads the historical data of where you have been to your computer. Does Apple have the right to access that data when you perform a sync to download the latest version of iTunes? You bet it does. Don’t believe me, read the article HERE.

Almost weekly there are stories of identity theft through stolen wallets, credit cards, personal documents that were disposed of improperly and items of that nature. Have you ever stopped to think about what kinds of personal information you have stored on your mobile device? What would happen if someone who was even the littlest bit technologically savvy got ahold off your phone, could they access the most critical parts of your life? Would they have access to the web sites that you use on a daily basis? Would your significant other question those random text messages that you sent to a friend?

Do I keep sensitive information stored on my phone? You bet I do, it makes my day to day life easier. Would I feel comfortable with that data getting lost in case I lost my phone or someone stole it, of course! I take precautions to make sure that the data I care about the most is buried so deep under lock and key; and backed up, that if my phone did disappear, I would be ok with it. So let’s get to the meat, how do I secure my phone and my mobile presence?

The first and most major step is to lock your phone. Set a password and set your phone to auto-lock as quickly as possible. Set your phones text display feature to not display the actual message until you actually select that message. In regards to websites that you visit or applications that you use, turn off the auto-save feature of your username and password. Yes, this will be more pain then anything, but do you want to worry about someone diving into your bank account if they grabbed your phone? Lastly, keep passwords out of plain text areas such as SMS or Notes features that are easily accessible. Download a password safe application to keep such data locked up.

Don’t fall victim to identity theft because you decided to keep your phone unlocked for ease of use. Defend yourself!

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