Meet Randy Pyle, Director of Sales at IDS

By June 23, 2016Employee News, IDS
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Empowering IDS customers by transforming the way IT is delivered

As IDS’ new Director of Sales, Randy Pyle is drawing on a vast career in technology—from both the OEM/vendor side and the reseller side—to help drive aggressive growth plans. He’s focused on moving IT forward through solutions that provide improved efficiency, flexibility, performance and a competitive advantage.

Randy Pyle, Director of SalesQ: You are new to IDS. Tell us a little about life before IDS?

A: I started out my career in the pit at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). As electronic trading began to eliminate the need for open outcry, I decided to make the transition to technology. I realized that the way the financial floor was being displaced by technology was just the dawning of how technology would disrupt “business as usual.”

Upon leaving the CBOT, I focused my career on technology by working for a small software firm and then for NetApp, a storage and data management company. Most recently I worked at Cleversafe, the leader in the object storage market, as its Central Region Manager.

Q: What were you looking for in your next career move? What attracted you to IDS?

A: Prior to IDS, my technology expertise had been on the OEM/vendor side of the aisle. I wanted both a change and a challenge.

I’d known about IDS and its services through my affiliations with the Chicago partner community and had always valued the types of relationships that IDS forms with its customers. I also admired their ability as a reseller to sell multiple products and solutions that best fit the customer’s needs.

Going back to my early days of wanting to be at the forefront of technology, IDS is a natural next step in my career since it is well positioned as a leading provider of disruptive technology and cloud and managed solutions.

Q: In what new ways are you linking business concepts to solutions?

A: IDS’ goal is to help our customers overcome the challenges of operating in a rapidly changing, technologically disruptive world. As such, our Cloud Enabled Data Center approach provides unrivaled value to customers who are exploring cloud solutions or who are considering managed services.

Q: You’ve had a successful career in technology. To what do you attribute to your success?

A: Regardless of my role, I have always aimed to put the customer first, have focused on personal accountability, and treat everyone with respect. This philosophy has served both me and my customers well.

Q: What have you found the most challenging/unique about working in technology?

A: Today, it’s key to be able to harness the strength and disruptive nature of technology. Being able to pair that with IDS’ technical expertise and solution portfolio to solve my customer’s challenges is a win-win.

Q: What are the significant changes that you are seeing in the tech industry?

A: The industry, specifically the data center space, is changing rapidly. It’s one of the main reasons I joined IDS. Customers today are exploring multiple avenues to the cloud, looking to leverage disruptive solutions and considering managed services. IDS has developed a Cloud Enabled Data Center approach that, along with the technical expertise and solution portfolio, provides some very unique value to customers.

Q: What aspect of your new IDS role do you expect to enjoy the most?

A: I have spent most of my life playing, coaching and working on teams (both business and sports), and have always enjoyed the satisfaction of executing on team goals to win. I am excited to lead the sales team at IDS and look forward to the challenge.

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

A: I enjoy spending time with my family. With four children who are quite active in sports and school, I’m clearly kept quite busy. But, in my “spare time,” I do enjoy water sports, golf, skiing, coaching football, and volunteering in my community.

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