Integrated Data Storage Named to Crain’s 2011 Fast Fifty, Third Consecutive Year on List

By June 9, 2011Uncategorized

For the third year in a row, Integrated Data Storage has been named to the Crain’s Chicago Fast Fifty list, coming in at #13. After receiving the great news, I sat down with Matt Massick, our CEO, and Alan Dorrian, our Chairman and Founder, to discuss why and how IDS continues to grow and move forward at such an extraordinary pace.

[framed_box bgColor=”EFEFEF” rounded=”true”] Shannon: In your opinion what do you attribute to Integrated Data Storage’s incredible growth over the past few years, which has lead to where we are today, three years consecutively ranking in the top 15 of the Crain’s Fast Fifty?

Matt: I think the reason for our growth is three-fold:

  1. We’ve gone into the marketplace and hired the best talent, whether that be from a sales perspective, from a pre-sales engineering and architectural standpoint, or from a post-sales implementation standpoint. I think we’ve done one hell of a job in doing just that, which has been validated by the various awards we’ve won in addition to the Crain’s listing, like the EMC Velocity Services Quality Award and the CRN Tech Elite 250.
  2. The second reason for our growth is we’ve provided an environment to our employees in which they can excel.
  3. And the third area is we’ve never lost sight of the fact that our customers are number one and our job is to serve them.

Alan: A large part of what has made us successful is our desire to go above and beyond to take care of our customers, no matter what the situation or issue. This dedication to our customers is what really sets us apart from others in the industry.

In some instances, we have helped customers architect and install products they didn’t even obtain from us: one in particular had shipped the product into London, which at the time wasn’t an authorized distribution area for us, but was still in the product set that we covered. They needed a very critical upgrade that supported their mission critical data. So, for a product we didn’t sell or profit from, we sent our lead engineer to London to supervise the upgrade on our own dime. And we did it simply because we knew it was that important to the customer and the customer was ultimately grateful and successful from the upgrade we had provided for them.

This “no matter what” approach to our customer base is evident in every facet of IDS and is ultimately what attributes directly to our growth.

Shannon: What is your vision for the future of IDS, and how does that relate to the continuously evolving IT marketplace?

Matt: I think the marketplace is screaming to have more partners like IDS, as opposed to the various catalogue houses that may be out there selling everything from a pencil sharpener to a storage array. What we want to focus on is continuing to hire the top talent and engineering expertise, so that we can get deeper into future technologies and use them to help our customers transform the data center into a business driver.

Alan: My vision for IDS is for us to remain intensely customer focused—as they saying goes, people buy from people and we have very much personalized the work that we do. My cell is listed on my business card. As the owner of the company, you can reach me 24/7 and that same attitude is held by our sales and engineering teams. However the technology looks a year or ten years from now, businesses are going to seek out and partner with trusted advisers they can rely on for accountability and results. As we get bigger, our commitment is to retaining that personalized “smallness” our customers appreciate.


This has been a superb year here at IDS, as we’ve continued to make great strides moving forward at an extraordinary pace, mainly due to the heavy investment in our pre-sales technical architects and post-sales engineers. That investment hasn’t simply been adding more personnel: we’ve also strengthened our set of Tier 1 technologies with which they architect and implement, now having added NetApp and Cisco as manufacturer partners.

At the end of the day, though, it is our relationship with our customer that remains #1.