In a Roomful of Award Winners at EMC World, IDS Is The Last Partner Standing

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of representing IDS at EMC World to receive our Velocity Services Quality Award. I say honor because this is one of those awards that really matters (in my mind) because it is solely based on Customer Feedback—the thing that ultimately drives our business. A little background on the award for anyone who is curious:

[framed_box bgColor=”#EFEFEFEF” rounded=”true”]Several years ago, EMC implemented a program called the Authorized Services Network (ASN). There were hundreds of resellers in North America certified to sell EMC, but only a select handful could qualify to be ASN-certified and actually perform EMC implementations for their customers. This program requires rigorous testing of multiple Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Engineers to prove that the company is dedicated to not just selling EMC equipment, but providing their customers the highest level of service with their engineering expertise.

Back in 2007, EMC decided to recognize the best of the best by creating an ASN Quality Award for the top implementation partner in North America, based completely on customer feedback. After a reseller performs an implementation for a customer, that customer receives a third-party survey asking how the implementation went, would they use the reseller again, would they recommend them to peers in the industry, etc. Based on those responses, the ASN Partners were ranked and IDS finished at the top of the list, receiving EMC’s first ever ASN Quality Award.

In 2008, EMC decided to open up the Award a bit and presented the award to two partners. In subsequent years, a few more Partners made the list as well. Fast forward to 2011. EMC changed the name of the award to the Velocity Services Quality (VSQ) Award but the concept is exactly the same.

This year, 14 partners received the honor at EMC World for their dedication to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction. They started the awards by naming the first-time winners, then two-time winners, etc. At the tail-end was IDS being announced as the only five-time winner of the prestigious award. To be named as the #1 Partner for the largest storage manufacturer in the world based on entirely Customer Satisfaction is a huge honor and I was proud to be there accepting on behalf of the IDS team.[/framed_box]

First off, I would like to say thank you to our customers. Your dedication to IDS and the services that we provide is what makes us great. We appreciate the long-term business Partnerships and look forward to many more years of joint prosperity.

To our Engineers: thank you for making this award possible! You work long hours at customer sites, study technical materials at night to keep your expertise at the highest possible level, and frequently spend time away from your families supporting the customers that ultimately give us these high marks. We appreciate everything that you do and our customers do as well. You are the lifeblood of this organization and we appreciate everything that you do.

And finally, to the other VSQ Award Winners this year, congratulations. It is an elite group to be in and I can appreciate all of the hard work that it takes to achieve this level of accomplishment. I look forward to seeing you at the award ceremony for many years to come … and, of course, always being the last man standing.