Cutting-Edge Improvements.

IDS offers a fully capable Integration Center that tackles the common business problems our customers face every day. The IDS Integration Center gives IDS customers exclusive access to benefits like reducing time to market, improving inventory management, and implementing pre-integrations on site prior to delivery and installation.

Our state of the art facility drastically improves the integration process while reducing unnecessary costs stemming from excess travel time and order complications. The IDS Integration Center turns common problems into impactful benefits for your business.

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The IDS Integration Center offers the following benefits among others:

  • Pre-integration product testing
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduction of required travel time
  • Inventory management through the IDS Asset Management Portal
  • Streamlined integration process
  • Custom configurations
  • Converged system pre-integration

Critical Benefits, Delivered Right to Your Door

IDS Integration Center Integration Testing

Pre-Integration & Testing

The IDS Integration Center allows our technical experts to get their hands on your IT investment before it hits your location. This critical time helps us ensure your products have been accurately delivered and are working flawlessly. In some cases we are able to complete the actual integration, meaning instead of disrupting your environment for the duration of the project, we can deliver it finished right to your door. This process helps us mitigate otherwise unavoidable product issues.

Time to Market

The IDS Integration Center stores critical inventory ready to go when your order comes in. Keeping product in-stock means we can cut your wait time significantly and avoid shipping lag times. The IDS Integration Center puts the control back in our hands, allowing us to deliver a faster, more optimized process and experience for you.

IDS Integration Center Time to Market
IDS Integration Center Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The IDS Integration Center features our exclusive IDS Asset Management Portal, which provides unique IT asset and maintenance contract tracking capabilities. The Asset Management Portal provides an automatic globally synched auditing and reporting process that allows IDS customers to accurately manage their IT assets and maintenance contracts.