IDS Cloud Update: Zerto Technology Review

IDS Cloud Update: Exploring Zerto Technologies

At IDS we are continuously evaluating the effectiveness of new products and partners to protect the integrity of our IDS Cloud Services. We built the IDS Cloud to deliver public, private and hybrid Cloud Solutions that facilitate increased efficiency within IT operations. As we evaluate the continually changing technology landscape, we always have our customers in mind. In this edition of the Monthly IDS Cloud Update, we’d like to highlight our experiences with Zerto, a partner we utilize to deliver a flexible and efficient Cloud Disaster Recovery Service offering to our customers.

Zerto uses an innovative Virtual Replication technology specifically built for virtual environments, which delivers disaster recovery functionality with industry-leading automation for testing and failover.

Zerto makes Cloud DR Services efficient and easy to use for customers, a value that shouldn’t be overlooked in the IT industry.

While there are many benefits to Zerto’s technology offerings, today we’d like to breakdown exactly why we chose Zerto to power our IDS Cloud DR services.

Benefits of IDS Cloud DR Services Powered by Zerto

  • Easy setup. The Zerto Cloud DR service installs remotely within hours, with no complicated services required.
  • Customer control. By using Zerto to power the IDS Cloud DR Services, customers have the flexibility to choose which applications to protect, regardless of the storage they live on.
  • Control failover. Zerto enables automated data recovery, failover and failback and lets you select any VM in VMWare’s vCenter. There is no agent required and this process is automated through a vCenter plug-in.
  • Simplified conversions from HyperV to VMware. Zerto Virtual Replication is the first technology with the capacity to automatically convert HyperV to VMWare for seamless migrations between hypervisors.
  • Secure Multi-tenancy. Zerto’s secure multi-tenancy architecture delivers a secure platform for replication to the Cloud, while providing the security required for companies with strict compliance requirements.
  • Flexible control of replication schedule. Zerto compresses changes in the range of 50%+ in order to maintain a consistently low Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and allows for a bandwidth threshold to be assigned for replication as to not impact other services utilizing WAN links.
  • Storage array agnostic. Zerto has the capability to replicate from any storage to any other storage, allowing customers to completely migrate data from one array, vendor or site to another efficiently.
  • Insightful reporting for customer. Zerto’s dashboard gives customers easy access to SLA information, providing great insight for the customer into their Disaster Recovery environment.

Zerto powers a comprehensive IDS Cloud DR Service that eradicates concerns about performance, availability and security while facilitating savings on resource costs.

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