What’s next for your virtualized environment?

Most organizations have embraced virtualization to some degree, but many enterprises haven’t benefitted from its full potential. Whether it’s reliable disaster recovery, time-saving automation, higher availability, faster deployments, or insight into your environment, IDS can help take your virtualized infrastructure to the next level.

IDS can help take your virtualized infrastructure to the next level.

Our top three next-generation virtualization benefits.

  • Tier 1 application virtualization. Most critical applications can now be run virtually with the same performance allowing for more high availability, flexibility, and agility.
  • Orchestration and automation. Enable end-users to provision applications and workloads from a service catalog. Features such as chargeback and lifecycle management empower the business to control resource costs while empowering users.
  • Cloud enablement. Build your virtualized infrastructure with portability in mind to allow for future movement or bursting into the cloud.

IDS makes next-generation virtualization easy.

Proven Best Practices, Next-generation Technology

Has your business embraced virtualization on a small scale, but you’re struggling to get closer to 100% virtual? Is your IT team struggling to manage resources in the virtualized environment? Are you unsure if you should virtualize your Tier 1 applications? IDS can help assess and create your next-generation virtualization strategy.

We’ll work with all stakeholders to address core functionality and capabilities that can be enhanced through next-generation technology and proven best practices.

IDS data center virtualization solutions use our four-phase methodology to get the results you need.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Next-generation technologies. Our virtualization solutions leverage next-generation solution such as hyper-converged infrastructure, software defined networks (SDN), server-side acceleration, and orchestration tools.
  • Business continuity/disaster recover (BC/DR). Virtualization is a great enabler for a well-defined BC/DR plan. Automation of testing and failover ensures that if disaster strikes, you will be ready.
  • Orchestration. Create a service catalog that facilitates the deployment of resources in a repeatable fashion without manual interaction from IT staff.
  • Networking optimization. We can help define a SDN strategy that will enable rapid deployment of applications and virtual workloads.