Storage has changed. Has your strategy?

Data storage technology continues to evolve at lightning speed with new enterprise-class solutions emerging every day. The evolution of flash storage has created new platforms that are creating previously unattainable performance levels. Solutions built for big data are enabling cost-effective storage and data protection for petabyte-scale datasets, while unlocking the potential of analytics. These types of changes are significantly shifting the capabilities and cost models of storage in the data center. Have you started down the path of evolving your storage strategy?

At IDS, our storage experts focus on helping our customers embrace the right technologies to unlock the potential of their data.

Does your storage meet standard criteria?

IT organizations have seen explosive growth in storage, not only in the volume of data, but also in its importance to the business. Can your business check off all these mission-critical storage attributes?

  • Are you leveraging the latest technology? Data tiering, flash, and object-based technologies are all part of the mix. Can you deploy anything from high-performance to high-density storage as necessary?
  • Are uptime and compliance requirements no problem? Does the required auditing and retention meet legal requirements? Does high availability meet the SLAs for uptime that the business demands?
  • Is your storage cost-effective? Do you have a mature information lifecycle management strategy where data resides in the right place at the right time based on its value to the business?
  • Is your data is readily available? Can it be easily accessed, analyzed, and used in whatever way is needed? Is any application value is easily extracted from stored data?
  • Are you harnessing the power of your data? Do you embrace the idea of big data because the more data you have, the more insight you have into your business and your customers?
  • Are you cloud-enabled? Whether choosing public cloud or a trusted local provider, does your storage strategy enable you to easily move workloads to the cloud?

It’s not just about data storage. It’s about your business.

Technology-agnostic Approach

Data is the lifeblood of most organizations. The information created and maintained within your data center is vital to business. IDS understands this well, so our data center storage solutions are designed to maximize business benefits while minimizing costs. Our technology-agnostic approach provides options from best-of-breed manufacturers, pulling together tightly integrated products for a comprehensive solution that meets your needs.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Business alignment. We review your short- and long-term goals, opportunities, and challenges, then work with your team to create a storage strategy for the future.
  • Innovative technology. We help to makes sense of the intimidating numbers of emerging technologies, identifying those that are a good fit and eliminating those that are not.
  • Flash storage integrations. IDS has led the way in flash, helping our customers transform their data centers with flash technologies that give your applications the performance they require.
  • Big data. Unstructured datasets are growing exponentially and it’s becoming impossible to store and backup with legacy storage platforms. We focus on next-generation platforms that change the way big data is stored and protected.
  • Cloud storage options. Whether the cloud is right for you today or not, we help build a foundation for your storage environment that enables cloud extension when the time is right.

Our data center storage solutions are designed to maximize business benefits while minimizing costs.