Your network is more vital than ever.

Networks have always been the cornerstones of IT infrastructure, but the growing dependence on cloud-based applications and mobility is changing the game. Building a network to support mission-critical applications and users living outside of your walls requires a focus on security and high availability. Is your network built with this in mind? Are you ready to support anywhere, anytime access to applications?

At IDS, we built a robust enterprise-class network for the IDS Cloud, and we can do the same for your data center.

Are you dealing with these network challenges?

  • Is your network built on 10 year-old technologies?
  • Are you evaluating cloud-based applications, but are concerned that your network can’t handle it?
  • Are you in the midst of an acquisition or merger, and having difficulty connecting disparate data centers?
  • Do you have remote users demanding access to IT services as if they are onsite?
  • Are you struggling with ensuring your mobile access is secure?

Complex networking challenges? IDS can handle it.

Experienced Team, Next-generation Products

Today’s networks are more complex than ever, and so are the challenges. Our data center networking solutions are implemented by the same highly experienced teams that built the massive, secure, multi-tenant network of the IDS Cloud.

We specialize in enhancing and improving networks using our four-phase methodology and next-generation products.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Highly available and redundant. We use proven network designs, configurations and products that leverage best practices, network virtualization, load balancing and other capabilities to ensure your business is always up and available.
  • SDN capable. If a software-defined network is right for your enterprise, we can give your business the agility to deploy and respond to your application needs, both in the data center and the cloud.
  • Network migration and consolidation. Whether migrating to a new network platform or consolidating multiple environments, we can provide an efficient and effective solution for your enterprise network.
  • Virtualization friendly. Networks supporting virtualized infrastructure have significantly different requirements than physical networks. We can help build your network to benefit your virtual infrastructure, resulting in fewer peripherals and ports to manage, while boosting your network and server performance.
  • Converged infrastructure. For enterprises suited to having their computing, storage and networking resources integrated into a shared, pre-configured pool to drop into your data center, IDS can help deploy the right solution.