Data Protection

Data Protection

Dependable data protection. There when you need it.

Data protection may not get much attention, but data recovery certainly does. At IDS, we focus on your recovery needs and develop data protection solutions that deliver those results. The next time you’re asked to recover data, we want you to have 100% confidence that your team can deliver.

Have 100% confidence the next time you need to recover

Five common data protection pains.

  • Big data. As unstructured datasets grow exponentially, traditional backup mechanisms can’t keep up with the size and number of files.
  • Virtualization. When you moved to virtualization, did you change to a backup solution designed for virtual environments?
  • Dependence on tape. Many organizations depend on unreliable tape technology due to cost, but don’t consider the risks of things such as lost tapes, damaged media, or how they will recover from those 10-year old tapes without a library that
    supports them.
  • Backup performance. Are your backup cycles failing because they overlap due to poor performance of network, storage, tape, or other infrastructure components?
  • Lack of confidence in recovery. When a request comes in for data recovery, do you cross your fingers and hope you can recover?

Solutions designed for peace of mind.

Customized Protection

IDS data protection solutions start with the understanding that every environment is unique. The business will drive your recovery expectations, which will ultimately define the data protection strategy. Based on our IDS Data Protection Assessment, our expert engineering teams will create a custom solution that takes into account your current state, business needs, budget, and future requirements.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Improved efficiency. We use best-of-breed technology with proven data protection strategies to provide the most efficient infrastructure possible.
  • Recover with confidence. We’ll ensure that your data protection strategy matches your recovery requirements and that you have a well-defined way to test data recovery regularly.
  • Scalability. You’ll benefit now and in the future with a data protection infrastructure that can meet the needs of rapidly growing datasets.
  • Reduced operational costs. More efficient technologies and automation can help save time and manpower, decreasing your operational overhead.
  • Ongoing Support. IDS provides managed services offerings to provide turnkey or supplemental support to your team to manage the data protection and recovery process and technologies.

IDS solutions focus on giving you the peace of mind that you will confidently be able to recover your critical data.