Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure, more than just packaging.

Converged and (hyper-converged) infrastructure concepts have created a lot of buzz in the industry, frequently leading to confusion as well. Most vendors define converged infrastructure differently, and some even call it by a different name. At IDS, we can help you sift through the industry noise and determine if the benefits of converged infrastructure are right for you.

We can help you determine if the benefits of converged infrastructure are right for you.

What can converged infrastructure do for you?

A converged infrastructure uses pre-configured, pre-tested bundles of hardware and software to transform disparate data center components into a centrally managed entity. This emerging technology concept is still evolving with options featuring reference architectures and fully pre-integrated bundles. While there are several different approaches, there’s a consensus on the many benefits.

  • Enabling platform for private or hybrid cloud. A converged infrastructure is an ideal platform for your private cloud and can help cloud-enable your enterprise for hybrid
    or public cloud in the future.
  • Faster deployments. With a streamlined, pre-tested and pre-integrated architecture, you leverage new data center resources almost immediately upon delivery.
  • Reduced TCO. Consolidated management, pre-tested patching, and easier upgrades can lower your costs to manage critical infrastructure components, reducing your total cost of ownership.
  • Time savings. Simplified system administration and maintenance helps free up valuable IT time so your team can focus on higher priorities.
  • Reduced risk. Leveraging an infrastructure stack with pre-qualified compatibility reduces your risk of changes impacting other parts of your environment. Take the guesswork out of patches and updates creating interoperability issues.

Let us help you benefit from converged infrastructure.

Transform Your Data Center

Once we help you assess whether a converged infrastructure may be right for you, we’ll use our proven four-phase methodology to design a solution that will meet both your IT and business needs. Our converged infrastructure solutions have the potential to quickly and easily transform your existing data center and boost capabilities, saving significant time and money in the process.

A solution that will meet both your IT and business needs.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Bundled offerings. Solutions feature pre-integrated computing, storage and networking environments, so they’re easy to plug-in to with your existing infrastructure.
  • Cloud-friendly. The perfect platform for Private Cloud, enabling your IT to move forward with a public or hybrid cloud solution when the time is right.
  • Hyper-convergence. A node-based architecture collapsing storage, compute, and virtualization into the same hardware. Eliminate the need for a disparate storage array with this scale-out architecture and grow linearly every time you add resources.
  • Strategic consolidation. Consolidate your server, storage, and networking platforms into a converged infrastructure stack to reduce the sprawl of hardware throughout your data center.
  • Business agility focused. Our streamlined architectures are designed to deploy applications and services faster to meet your growing and changing business needs.
  • Orchestration. Enable your enterprise with orchestration and service catalog capabilities, which can be very easily deployed on converged infrastructure solutions.