Recovery Validation


Recovery Validation


Are you completely confident in your disaster recovery plan?

Even with a backup process in place, many enterprises still suffer from recovery challenges. What will it take to make you 100% confident in your disaster recovery plan? Are your business specific requirements being met by your current performance plan? How often are you checking the performance quality of your recovery plan? Regular validation of your recovery practices is critical to building complete confidence in the disaster recovery plan your enterprise relies on.

Increase confidence using our Recovery Validation Assessment to ensure a successful data recovery approach, process and means of recovery.

Seven questions critical to disaster recovery validation.

IDS boosts your confidence with a Recovery Validation Assessment created following our proven four-phase methodology. Our comprehensive consultation provides a proven process to validate the ability to recover data and applications in at timely manner. We address the following mission critical questions:

  • How are applications prioritized in order of importance for recovery purposes?
  • Can the underlying infrastructure for any applications be simplified?
  • Is each application completely defined by the data sets restored or are there undocumented dependencies?
  • Are some applications co-existing on the same systems, but the business and application owners are unaware?
  • Do applications depend on shared data with time consistency requirements across the data?
  • If a configuration change is made in one application, does that impact any other application?
  • Can one application be restored independent of another that has lower priority?

True validation begins with a comprehensive approach.

Achieving Complete Confidence

The IDS Recovery Validation Assessment helps build complete confidence in your Disaster Recovery Plan. Don’t make the mistake of thinking simply having a plan alone is sufficient. Repeatable validation of your recovery plan will ensure performance when you need it most, and IDS can help you get there.

Repeatable validation of your recovery plan will ensure performance when you need it most, and IDS can help you get there.

Key Tasks & Deliverables

  • Detailed assessment and documentation of critical business functions and applications
  • Discovery of backup environments and identification gaps
  • Detailed mapping of applications to servers and data sets
  • Design of recovery validation for each of the included business applications
  • Systematic execution of recovery validation steps
  • Documentation of steps and timings of recovery and testing procedures
  • Evaluation of your environment setup with improvement and cost control recommendations