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Disasters can be costly. Your disaster recovery plan doesn’t have to be.

The foundation of any effective disaster recovery plan is being able to bring your critical services back online quickly after a disaster or unforeseen event. Traditional DR solutions require acquiring additional data center space, purchasing a replica of your infrastructure, and deploying complex replication technologies. Having these costly resources sitting idle can be an ineffective use of money and resources.

At IDS, we offer highly reliable solutions to meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives (RTOs and RPOs). With IDS as a partner, your recovery plan can be simple and effective at the same time.

Our simple, straightforward and affordable pricing structure makes DR cost-effective at both small and large scales.

Five reasons you can recover easily with IDS

  • Keep full control. Maintain full control of your replication groups and policies, easily add and remove applications, and only pay for what you protect.
  • Replicate efficiently. Data is compressed and deduplicated as part of the replication process to allow for efficient usage of existing connectivity.
  • Start small and scale large. With rates starting as low as $30 per server, you can start small and scale quickly with ease.
  • Reduce data center costs. Pay only for the data that you replicate offsite while easily adding and removing servers as necessary.
  • Stay compliant. Our customized disaster recovery options can be designed to fit your compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI.

Customized disaster recovery options.

What’s the right fit for you?

The key to designing your disaster recovery plan is matching your risk tolerance with a cost model that fits your budget. We offer several cloud disaster recovery solutions to provide you with the right solution at the right price, delivering on your RPO and RTO requirements.

For enterprises that are highly virtualized, we offer a turnkey replication offering based on Zerto’s industry-leading replication technology. This solution provides simple cost per-VM for replication and allows you to add and remove virtual machines at any time. This solution features:

  • Deployment via simple virtual appliances – no need to load an agent on your virtual machines
  • Data compression, encryption and deduplication
  • Point-in-time failbacks via continuous data protection
  • Annual disaster recovery testing
  • Seamless integration with other IDS Cloud solutions

For those enterprises seeking a more customized solution, we offer disaster recovery options that include application, storage, and network-based replication. SQL database mirroring, Exchange DAG, NetApp SnapMirror, and EMC RecoverPoint are just a few of the solutions that we support. This custom approach allows you to utilize features of your existing infrastructure by mirroring them to the IDS Cloud. After a thorough assessment, the IDS team will create the perfect customized solution to meet your needs.

In additional to the IDS cloud / RECOVER Disaster Recovery services, IDS has partnered with VMware’s vCloud Air® and CenturyLink’s SafeHaven offerings to deliver robust disaster recovery solutions to third-party sites. IDS takes a product-agnostic approach, to ensure that the right solution is matched with your specific needs.