cloud / SCALE

Cloud archiving with predictable costs and control.

Non-critical data doesn’t have be a burden on your expensive enterprise-class storage and backup infrastructure. IDS cloud archive services are flexible and can integrate directly with your applications, or extend your existing infrastructure via a gateway.

What good is your archive if you can’t access it? When storing important data in the cloud, control and security are imperative. With IDS cloud archive services, you stay in control of your data and can put data in, or pull data out, at any time with no additional costs. Our services are built with security in mind, creating secure vaults for each customer and encrypting data in-flight and at-rest.

Our cost model is structured as a simple $/GB model, with no charges for bandwidth or accessing your data. This provides a predictable cost model for your archive data.

Why cloud archiving with IDS?

  • Reduce costs by storing inactive data offsite in a secure IDS Cloud vault
  • Remove archived datasets from tier 1 storage and backup infrastructures.
  • Avoid unexpected costs with a predictable consumption-based cost model.
  • Achieve greater security and dependability than with offsite tape.
  • Integration with other IDS Cloud services such as disaster recovery, backup, and infrastructure-as-a-service.

Cloud archiving done the way you want.

Stay in control by choosing the right solution for your unique needs. We offer two IDS cloud / SCALE Archiving service methods of accessing your cloud archive vault.

For the most customized integration, IDS archive solutions support RESTful and S3 APIs so your applications can write directly to the vault. This allows you to control your own information lifecycle workflow, using your IDS Cloud vault as a target. This API-based access mechanism gives you controlled and automated access to a secure, encrypted and cost-effective cloud vault.

For applications without native cloud integration, we can provide a physical or virtual gateway appliance to extend your existing infrastructure to your cloud archive vault. This allows for simple, plug-and-play integration while maintaining full control of your data. The gateway technology can offer intelligent caching and data distribution functionality as well.