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Defining your journey to the cloud.

Should you be utilizing public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions? Which cloud provider should you work with? Does the cloud meet your compliance needs? Which applications should you move to the cloud? How will you access your applications once they’re hosted in the cloud?

These are just a few of the questions that customers are asking as they look to define their enterprise cloud strategy. Every organization has distinctly different needs and should take the time to properly plan their journey to the cloud. At IDS, we offer a variety of cloud enablement services and solutions to help you create that strategy.

Cloud made clear.

Our robust portfolio of services and solutions are designed to help create clarity for your cloud strategy.

  • Cloud Enablement Services – Defining your journey to the cloud starts with a thorough assessment of your business, technical, and compliance requirements for any perspective solution. The outcome of this analysis will help define your ideal private, public, or hybrid cloud.
  • Cloud Migration Services – Moving to the cloud is no small feat. Our cloud migration services focus on effectively getting your workloads moved to the cloud with minimal disruption to your business. Items such as bandwidth, user access, migration mechanisms, and security just a few of the considerations included.
  • Cloud Evaluation – Once you determine the proper use-cases for the cloud, the difficult part is determining which of the thousands of cloud providers is best for you. We offer services to help you narrow down the field and properly evaluate based on your unique requirements via informal process or formal RFP.
  • The IDS Cloud – For customers looking for a true cloud partnership and highly customized solutions, IDS has built an enterprise-class cloud featuring archive, backup, disaster recovery, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.
  • Cloud Partnerships – IDS has partnered with other industry-leading cloud providers such as CenturyLink and Rackspace to offer our customers a wide variety of cloud solutions.

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Solutions & Services

Cloud Enablement Services

Explore the benefits of cloud computing and how it might meet your business needs, as well as any potential obstacles.

Converged Infrastructure Solutions

When building a private or hybrid cloud, converged infrastructure solutions can be a great platform to enable your strategy.

IDS Cloud Overview

Learn about the enterprise-class cloud IDS has designed for delivering highly-customized cloud solutions for our customers.



Explore our variety of highly reliable backup options and simple, cost-effective pricing structures for any size business.


Disaster Recovery

Gain peace of mind by replicating mission-critical workloads offsite for quick recovery if disaster strikes.



Utilizing geographically-dispersed infrastructure, IDS provides archive solutions with very low, fixed-cost rates per GB.



Explore comprehensive cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solutions providing enterprise-class availability, performance, and security; all within a cost-effective framework.