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Breaking the Curse with Data Analytics

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Growing up a diehard Red Sox fan through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s was tough. The Yankees always had our number, handing the Red Sox some spectacular playoff losses, including the Bucky Dent homer in 1978 and the Aaron Boone homerun off of Tim Wakefield in 2003. The old adage in New England was that “the Red Sox and lawn furniture would fold up and end up in the cellar after Labor Day.” Read More

The Power of Now & the Cloud

The Power of Now & the Cloud

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An Enlightened Path to Delivering IT Services in the Cloud

Can the delivery of IT services be equated to a tranquil Zen master focused on “the power of now?” It might seem ridiculous to compare technology provisioning to spiritual enlightenment, but hear me out. In order to work and succeed “in the now,” businesses need seamless, rapid technology support. They need IT services that can act as fast as the mind can think. By leveraging the Cloud to maximum advantage, which starts with the IDS Cloud Hub, businesses can better operate and compete “in the now” with technology services that are easier and faster than ever to provision and consume. Read More

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Don’t Skip the Hyperscale Party

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1 Path & 7 Benefits to Getting Hyper Cloud Connected

Ever feel like today’s migration to cloud services is an exclusive party? Does it seem as though big enterprises and global powerhouses with vast resources are the only ones invited? Well get off the proverbial couch and get ready to party like it’s 2016 because when it comes to the cloud (and all the efficiency and opportunities it offers businesses) everyone is invited. Unless you’ve decided you’d rather be disrupted than be a disruptor, staying home is not an option. Read More

Changing landscape for IT consultants

IT Consultants: Navigating a Changing Technology Landscape

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The role of the consultant in the data center infrastructure space is seeing some considerable shifts lately. Five years ago, consultants were still fairly specialized in certain disciplines like server, storage and network. Now, as technology has continued to converge across the compute, storage, network and virtualization platforms, the roles of consultants have become increasingly complex. Read More

The Hotel California Dilemma with Hyperscale Cloud

The Hotel California Dilemma with Hyperscale Cloud

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At IDS, we are constantly speaking with IT organizations about our IDS Cloud offering and the marketplace in general. For those of you who don’t know, three years ago we built our own IDS Cloud offering based on the latest FlexPod and Vblock technology. Our Cloud is available with roughly 4PB of storage across geographically-dispersed Data Centers. This was a massive investment for IDS that resulted in a valuable ongoing opportunity for our team. I think everyone at IDS has learned many lessons over the past year surrounding the value of our offering versus the Hyperscale Cloud providers like Amazon and Azure. These lessons have shaped our ability to offer a truly valuable cloud offering to our customers. Read More

AtTask Project Management App Helps Clear The Way

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I recently was having a conversation with my manager around my workload, projects and other activities with my team. During the conversation, he asked me to walk him through my activities from the previous day. I thought to myself, “How can I possibly remember every detail of my day with the volume of activity?”

In our business, the focus is on the customer experience and making sure that projects are on track, customer emergency or escalations are being responded to in a timely manner, and numerous other things that just seem to come up during the day. It is the “numerous other things” that are hard to quantify. Each day seems to present you with new challenges or a prioritization around what is most important that particular day.

As we kept discussing this, he asked, “Do you keep a checklist?” Normally, I keep everything on a large whiteboard in my office. This captures mainly large tasks such as, a customer issue, statement of work, or other critical tasks I am working on. As we kept discussing the checklist concept, it was clear the detail and insight required for him was not being completely captured on whiteboard. And it wasn’t really practical for him to head into my office and look over my work every time he wanted to see what I was working on.

Clearing The Way: AtTask

We decided to use a cloud-based project management software application called AtTask for me to track my tasks. We currently use this application for project management but it also has some great features for “ad hoc” task tracking.

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Essentially, I can login from anywhere (including my iPhone) and log tasks with a brief description and estimated completion. It is simple to use and takes a few seconds to add each task once I am logged in. Even better, I can tag people (think Facebook) to a task I am creating if I want to delegate or make them aware of the status. This will notify that user via email or when they login into AtTask.

Essentially, I can login from anywhere (including my iPhone) and log tasks with a brief description and estimated completion. It is simple to use and takes a few seconds to add each task once I am logged in.

Completed tasks are stored are tracked as well and can be seen by my manager or other team members that I have tagged. It is a great feeling clicking the “DONE” button next to the task and seeing your accomplishments start to stack up.

It also has provided better visibility for my manager to prioritize my workload and offload tasks that normally I would handle myself. And finally, it is a great reminder of things that may slip through the cracks as my day gets away from me from time to time.

See a demo of how AtTask works …

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