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The IDS Asset Management Portal (AMP) helps streamline your business by integrating your IT assets and service contracts. You can now easily access a centralized view of your organization structures, scales and spend when it comes to IT assets.

Make life easier for your IT team by using our dynamic management portal to track statistics and scheduling in a fast, flexible way. We prioritize data accuracy and integrity as we capture, prepare and analyze your enterprise data sets.

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IDS AMP Benefits

Custom dashboard with a snapshot of all managed assets including:

  • Assests
  • Assets with contracts
  • Duplicate SNs
  • Devices w/o SNs
  • Devices in virtual environments
  • Asset contracts expiring in 90 days
  • Contracts beyond EOS
  • Open Tickets
  • Pending tickets
  • Total customer cost

Snapshot of the percentage of assets with maintenance coverage expiration exposure.

Total Assets Chart

  • Complete view of all assets
  • Includes those outside of maintenance coverage expiration jeopardy

Expiring Assets Chart

  • Displays asset instances facing maintenance coverage expiration
  • Broken down by 180, 90, 60 and 30 days

The maintenance portal also provides:

  • Expiring contract statistics
  • Action item statistics
  • RMA
  • Asset lifecycle overview
  • Contacts
  • Reports
  • Quick search widgets
  • Single asset search
  • Action item zoom
  • Part number EOX search
  • Maintenance catalog pricing

Easy Management, Immediate Benefits

IDS Asset Management Portal Audit Process

The Audit Process

Your data accuracy and integrity is our primary focus. We use a tri-layered audit approach to capture, prepare and analyze your enterprise data sets. This establishes the crucial data baseline and allows for painless processing during renewal periods, efficient execution of device migration, and safeguards your IT investments against missing or inadequate maintenance coverage.

With the IDS Asset Management Portal, your data is continually audited and monitored.

The Business Process Analysis

Integrate with Additional Databases
Integrate with the end customer, other manufacturers and distributors such as managing all new hardware order data.

Track MACDs
Our portal works with partners and the end customer to set up processes to track all moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs), including merging with the end customer’s ticketing system.

Track PO Information
Track PO information not only from partners to their manufacturers, but also from the end customer to partners, empowering the end customer in being able to track assets through their own PO information.

Track RMA’s and Credits
Ensure assets are properly covered during the RMA process as well as assisting in the credit process.

IDS Asset Management Portal Business Process Analysis
IDS Asset Management Portal Reporting

The Reporting

Expiring Asset Reporting
The IDS Asset Management Portal gives you the ability to track which assets are expiring according to respective maintenance contracts across your entire customer base. Monthly notifications include assets expiring within 30, 60, 90 or 180 days.

EOS/EOL Reporting
The portal integrates important Cisco End of Sale/End of Life data into your Asset Install Base, in real time.

Customized and Ad Hoc Reporting
We can customize countless numbers of reports both at the partner and customer level.